The different study programmes of Life Science & Technology Leeuwarden are well known to students, the business world and other institutes and organisations. In fact: study programmes like Biotechnology, Food Technology, Biology and en Chemistry focus on a vast and extensive study area, and they are not only well known, but also well-loved by the 'insiders' mentioned above.

Our programmes cover extensive and compelling fields of study, and they offer many different opportunities, which is why we believe it is very important that future students, the business industry, research institutes and local authorities can learn more about specific aspects of what LS&T Leeuwarden has to offer.

We want to demonstrate what it is we do, how we work and study, what we have to offer and what the synergy is between our study programmes and the business industry. Furthermore, we want to illustrate how the Research & Development programme, LSRD, can facilitate numerous projects, where students, tutors and business companies can successfully work together. And finally, we want to demonstrate how we share our knowledge and skills in the field of applied technology with other people, with our society and with the industry.

We've worked together successfully with numerous companies, including Royal Friesland Campina, Koopmans Meel, AVEBE, EcoStyle and Izore. By working together we can create more opportunities and gain better results. It's about time that today's world knows what tomorrow's world could be like, according to us.  



LS&T Leeuwarden and the Werkveld Advies Commissie (WAC: the advisory commission of specific work fields) are joining forces, to make sure that our study programmes meet the requirements of future employers of our students.

This is why we created a closed LinkedIn-group for people who can inspire or help us, either in a practical sense or by challenging us.

Do you want to be part of this group? Send Marjo Dijkstra an email, and we will contact you shortly.

Marjo Dijkstra


Robbin Oosting

Chemical Technology and Environment
Robbin Oosting

"I am currently in my final year of the studies Chemical Technology and Environment. Van Hall Larenstein provided me with the opportunity to complete ...

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Erwin van der Meulen

Biotechnology graduate
Erwin van der Meulen

'As a fourteen-year-old boy I already knew: I wanted to study biotechnology. I have no idea why, exactly, but it was almost like a calling. And it...

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