New minor Food Forensics & Technology

Publiced on 7 December 2017
New minor Food Forensics & Technology

As of February 2018 students can sign up for the new minor Food Forensics and Toxicology in Leeuwarden. The minor will be provided by University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein with contributions of several external experts. In this minor focus lies on the detection, identification and analysis of food fraud, toxicological research and risk evaluation of substances. Students who are interested can apply for this innovative minor through

Food Forensics

A tasty minor that feeds your résumé! Fraud with food can lead to economical damage to the food business, loss of consumer’s confidence in products and it can bring along health hazards. This minor offers students the possibility to become competent in several aspects of fraud detection in the food business. They will follow specified courses about food defense, food technology, detection strategies and analyzing techniques. ‘True food crime stories’ will be analyzed and reconstructed. Chemical and biological forensic analysis methods will be weighed and used as conclusive evidence. Armed with the acquired knowledge the students will carry out their own investigations in food fraud.


Does a certain substance in food form a health hazard? Is waste dumping damaging to the environment? How do you determine if a substance contributed to an unnatural death? Students acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are necessary to answer these kinds of questions. Various (forensic) toxicological examples will be discussed by several external experts. After that the students will apply their newly-acquired knowledge in a (forensic) toxicological case-study, in which method-development, toxicological interpretation and compiling a report are the focal points.


In this unique minor Van Hall Larenstein combines its expertise in food, forensic sciences, biotechnology, chemistry and toxicology. During this multidisciplinary minor the students will use the advanced chemical (molecular) and biological techniques of University of Applied Sciences Van Hall Larenstein.

Practical affairs

The minor admits students of Van Hall Larenstein as well as students from other Universities of Applied Sciences. Students can enroll through Enrollments are due by January 12, 2018. Only 24 spaces are available. 


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