Biology & Medical Laboratory Research

Medical Analyst

Biology and Medical Laboratory Research teaches you more about science and biology, and includes the following topics: DNA, cells, enzymes, the immune system and bacteria and viruses, and you will study how these elements play a role in sickness and in health. Biology and Medical Laboratory Research was formally known as the 'Medical Analyst Programme'. You can still become a medical analyst of course, but this programme is a lot more extensive.

Circulation of Knowledge

Until recently intensive lab research was needed to determine which microbe was responsible for an infection. These days early molecular detection is developing fast, and lab research now only takes two hours instead of two days. We try to keep a close track of the rapid developments that take place in this field of study, during the course of the programme. And, what's even better: our students get to inform and educate others too! This process is called 'circulation of knowledge: the school works together with biomedical companies that present us with questions that we get to unravel for them.

Do you aspire a career as a diagnostic medical analyst in a hospital or district laboratory? The field of Human Diagnostics might just be up your street. If you want to specialise in biomedical research so you can become a research analyst in an academic hospital, at a university or in a company, or if you're more interested in nutrition and its influence on the human body; either way, this study programme will certainly appeal to you.


Who are you?

Lab work appeals to you. You are interested in organisms, viruses and bacteria. You like doing research, you have a curious nature and you have a hands-on mentality. Furthermore, you don't mind working independently. 

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