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The development of large-scale influenza vaccinations, research on famous murder cases or purification of wastewater processes: nowadays we see elements of Biotechnology all around us. At Van Hall Larenstein you can specialise in topics regarding life sciences and technological developments, which are always related to subjects like cell biology, DNA and medical or forensic research laboratories.

Soon you'll be dealing with matters of life and death, biochemistry of viruses, computer viruses and information technology, computer chips and DNA, crime scene investigation, genetic modification, stem cell research, database research, nanotechnology and security issues. Biotechnology really is an exciting and innovative field of study. If you want to work in this field of study, Leeuwarden is the place to be, because this biotechnology programme in Leeuwarden is the only one of its kind in the Netherlands.


Who are you?

You are interested in nature, plants and animals. You like to get to the bottom of things. You enjoy doing experiments and you have a critical attitude. You also know how to work accurately and you are result orientated.

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Robbin Oosting

Chemical Technology and Environment
Robbin Oosting

"I am currently in my final year of the studies Chemical Technology and Environment. Van Hall Larenstein provided me with the opportunity to complete ...

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Erwin van der Meulen

Biotechnology graduate
Erwin van der Meulen

'As a fourteen-year-old boy I already knew: I wanted to study biotechnology. I have no idea why, exactly, but it was almost like a calling. And it...

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