Chemical Technology

There's so much to do!

Artificial grass that plays better than any other football field? Decomposable plastic bags? Or a 'regular' glass of tap water? Without chemical technology these features would still be science fiction to us. Or consider the crema on your Senseo coffee: to get a perfect result, the hole in the filter has to be the perfect size. It was quite a job, but it is now appreciated worldwide. And what about offshore drilling? It takes technology beyond all limits, and sometimes even further. Who can ensure an even safer drilling environment?

These are just a few examples, but we can go on and on... In this field of work, no day is ever the same! Whether you choose to specialize in process technology, water technology or petrochemistry: you'll have ample opportunities in the labour market. There's so much to do!


Who are you?

Large and powerful factory installations and oil refineries fascinate you, and you'd like to visit a drilling platform. You have technical skills, you pay attention to detail and you have a rational mind-set.

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Robbin Oosting

Chemical Technology and Environment
Robbin Oosting

"I am currently in my final year of the studies Chemical Technology and Environment. Van Hall Larenstein provided me with the opportunity to complete ...

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Erwin van der Meulen

Biotechnology graduate
Erwin van der Meulen

'As a fourteen-year-old boy I already knew: I wanted to study biotechnology. I have no idea why, exactly, but it was almost like a calling. And it...

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