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Would you come up with things like beer-flavoured chewing gum, or a new type of snazzy party drink or healthy (and tasty) crisps? Do you believe it is important that food consumption is safe and that foods are of high quality? If so, this study programme will suit you perfectly. Seize the opportunity and work out your ideas by studying Food Technology. We'll train you to become a quality controller, a consultant or possibly even the developer of the latest, most successful food product of the future: edible exams or your own kebab drink for instance; you name it!

Did you know that a new product enters the market practically every day? And that there is an increasing demand in high quality, but especially healthier kinds of food these days? Quality and innovation are important themes in this field of work. But flavour is also an important feature for consumers! The following topics are always relevant when a new product is being launched: market research, knowledge of manufacturing possibilities, product qualities and the human body; whether you develop the product yourself, or whether you're responsible for the marketing.

After having completed the programme, you'll be able to give advice to customers, or you can dedicate yourself to the industry! There's more than enough work to be done, as this sector is developing fast, worldwide. Will you be the new leading specialist in the field of food and nutrition? This study programme is the perfect opportunity for creative foodies with a love for technology and an eye for market development. 

In 2016 our Food Technology students won practically every prize they'd been nominated for with their "Re-Snack" project, including the LC Award, which they'll tell you all about in the video above.

Who are you?

You are fascinated by food. It is important to you that food products are of high quality and that they are safe to eat. You have a curious nature, you are creative, you like innovative developments and you'd like to break new grounds in the field of food and beverage.

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